東京都渋谷区恵比寿4-27-1 pagoda SK #302

TEL : 03-6675-6236


Mail :


[ ROUTE ① ]

Please get off "Ebisu Station" on the JR Line, take escalator going down in front of East Exit.


JR惠比寿站 东口出 从正面电梯下来


[ ROUTE ② ]

You’ll find a green signboard "Saizeriya" down the escalator and to the back. Go down the hill to the left of the signboard.


下了电梯 绕到电梯的后面 顺着右手边saizeriya餐厅的路一直走


[ ROUTE ③ ]

Turn right at the first corner then go straight for a while.




[ ROUTE ④ ]

You’ll find a building of our salon after you pass the  "FamilyMart" Cross the Street.


经过全家前面的红绿灯 到达一层是L’IGNIS的公寓


[ ROUTE ⑤ ]

Find the entrance to call the #302 on the intercom.


再往前走一点会看到入口 请按下302号房间的门铃